NW Facilities Expo - May 8-9th, 2019

The Columbia River Chapter of ASIS International (CRASIS) will be co-sponsoring the NW Facilities Show in Portland, Oregon on Wednesday and Thursday May 8th & 9th. Our Chapter will have a booth at this event to help educate attendees on what ASIS International is, and how connecting with Chapter members is of value to them and their organizations. Our Chapter Chair Jon Ensley, CPP, PSP will be presenting on Wednesday, May 8th on Facility Threat Assessments and utilization of ASIS Guidelines and Standards. Chapter members will be receiving all access pass' as part of this event. 

We are also actively looking for Chapter members who would be willing to host our booth area for a few hours at a time, or the day. Individuals would have the opertunity to meet with show attendee's and discuss ASIS, our Chapter, and Security Industry related topics. Please contact our Vice-Chair David Dagan at vice-chair@crasisonline.org to sign-up for a time, or support our Chapter at this event.

You can find out more information on this event on their web page at:

 Show Link: https://www.fenw.facilitiesexpo.com

Session Link: https://www.fenw.facilitiesexpo.com/conference our session is Session B @ 2:10-3:10

Wo/Men In Security Leadership Summit

WIS Mid-Year Event Objective: Facilitate a mid-year meeting to foster collaboration to support women in leadership within the security industry. Create conversation, networking, mentoring and career opportunities in a two-way method for those wishing to help move women further within this industry and also for those within to contribute more and move further within the industry. Non-exclusive with gender or age, and we welcome this group to actively participate and build this program out and across boundaries.

Secure your space here. The event is free, with you only responsible for Transportation and Lodging

Contact Jennifer Hones (CRASIS Women in Security Liaison) with any questions.

Apply for a Scholarship or Grant

Dear CRASIS Members, 

On behalf of the ASIS Foundation, I'm pleased to announce the opening of our 2019 scholarship and grant application period. Thanks to the generous support of our members and corporate partners, the Foundation will be awarding more than 40 scholarships to help security professionals attain their certification and advance their careers. 

  • Individuals from around the world are invited to apply for a Certification Scholarship to pursue their CPP, PSP, or PCI certification. 

  • Academic Scholarships are currently available to members of select chapters (see website for more details) however we plan to add more opportunities in the future.

  • ASIS Chapters worldwide may apply for a Security Education Grant or nominate an organization for a Public-Private Partnership Grant.

New this year—we have created an online portal to streamline and simplify the application process.  

The application submission period is open now through 30 April 2019 with decisions being announced 28 June 2019. Applications will be accepted online only. For a complete list of scholarships and to apply, visit asisfoundation.org.

I encourage you to take advantage of these scholarship and grant opportunities and apply today.

Kind regards,

Cy Oatridge, CPP
President, ASIS Foundation Board of Trustees

CRASIS 2019 Chair's Message:

As we start off this New Year of 2019, I would like to start by thanking the 2018 Columbia River Chapter Board and all the members who made last year a success. Our Chapter started off 2018 in a difficult way. I am grateful to stay that we are starting off 2019 in a much better condition thanks to the hard work and talent of several individuals. Although not without our own struggles, we are in much better condition looking into 2019. I want to give a special thanks to Terry Valois, CPP, PCI as he has dedicated a great number of hours in supporting the Chapter and myself.

The success of 2018 was an important part of bringing our Chapter back to functioning order. As we look into 2019, I hope to bring greater value and efficacy to the Chapter. Greater value and efficacy in education and professional development opportunities, greater value and efficacy in networking and career development opportunities. As your 2019 Board builds on what has been done, we look to increase these areas of focus, while maintaining the corrections and improvements made in 2018.

As our Board begins to develop events and plans for 2019, we are looking for Chapter members who would be willing to help support in the planning, logistics, hosting, and finding sponsors for each months Chapter event. If you are interested in potentially supporting the Chapter by joining a Board member in the planning of a single months events; we understand that there are a number of Chapter members who want to get more involved, but are concerned about time commitments. This is a simple, short-term, way you can support. If you are looking for a leadership role, perhaps you may consider one of the open Liaison roles we currently have available. Note that Chapter Liaisons receive credit from ASIS toward their CPP, PSP, or PCI for being Chapter Liaison. If you have any questions, or are interested in supporting the Chapter in this way, please contact me, or another Board member for details. Current Chapter Positions and titles:

  • Jon Ensley, PSP Chair

  • David Dagan, Vice Chair

  • Robert Whitham, Chapter Secretary & Young Professional Liaison

  • Peter (Pete) Simpson, Chapter Treasurer & Law Enforcement Liaison

  • Jennifer Hones, Webmaster & Women in Security Liaison

  • Vacant: ASIS Certifications Liaison

  • Vacant: Education and Professional Development Liaison

  • Vacant: ASIS Foundation Liaison

Our next Chapter event:

Members of the Portland Police Bureau’s Explosives Disposal Unit will be presenting on Crises Management planning and response to Explosive hazards. Including bomb threats, suspicious packages, and IED'S. February 21st (Thursday) - 6-8pm. See website for more details.

Please RSVP to secretary@crasisonline.org

On behalf of the 2019 Columbia River ASIS Chapter Board, we thank you for this opportunity. We are excited about the opportunities 2019 has in store for all of us. We look forward to seeing you at Chapter events in the coming year.

2018 End of Year Chair Message

Columbia River Chapter Chairman’s Message

As 2018 comes to a close, I’d like to take a few moments to look back on the accomplishments of the Chapter, briefly reflect on the challenges we faced, and thank the current Board for their energy, hard work and dedication during the past year.  Like all Chapters in the region, we enjoyed feast and famine throughout the year.  For those who read the Chairman’s message I sent out in early 2018, you will note that as a Board we opted to change venues for meetings, instituted a series of happy hours and networking events that were, for the most part, successful and well attended, and attempted to provide a series of domain review sessions for those interested in pursuing the PSP certification.  On these fronts I believe we were fairly successful although, as with many things, there is always room for improvement. 

In addition to the events noted above, the year also included a handgun shooting range event and happy hour in July and an outstanding and extremely well received presentation on an important, critical, and relevant topic by Ms. Lynn Fairweather, MSW (and new member), entitled The Firewall: How Corporate Security Can Prevent Domestic Violence Attacks.

Although we celebrate our accomplishments the Chapter continues to face several challenges, to include attracting new members as well seeing more of our membership attending and participating in meetings and events (this issue is apparently endemic throughout the region, so we are not unique in this regard). 

As announced in an email sent out on 28 November, new Board position elections were held 15 November.  Going forward into 2019 the new Board members are:

  • Jonathan (Jon) Ensley, PSP, Chair

  • David Dagan, Vice Chair

  • Robert Whitham, Secretary

  • Peter (Pete) Simpson, Treasurer

On an individual level I’d like to acknowledge the following Board members who graciously volunteered their time and effort to see this Chapter through 2018:

  • Our Vice Chair, Jon Ensley, PSP (who succeeds me as Chairman on 1 January 2019) has been instrumental in spearheading the Chapter’s informal ASIS educational opportunities by designing and developing a series of workshops to help members interested in the PSP certification.  It is my sincere wish that Jon and his team continue with this endeavor in 2019.  As an aside, Jon was named one of the 20 recipients of the Cross Scholarship which provides a path to CPP certification granted through an online review course sponsored by ASIS.

  • Our Secretary, Jennifer Hones, is to be highly commended for her outstanding work in single-handedly setting up and maintaining an entirely new website for the Chapter.  This has proved to be hugely successful and has set a high bar for excellence as the primary medium for communicating with our members about upcoming events, news, and Chapter meetings.  The bulk of our budget goes towards sustaining this website, and your attendance and participation in Chapter events goes a long way in supporting and sustaining this effort.

  • Our Treasurer, Dave Miller, has performed yeoman’s work for keeping our financial health in order and providing the Board with updates to any changes, positive or negative, on the status of our budget, as well as ensuring we met our annual IRS filing obligation on time.  His is often a thankless position, yet so vital to the survival of any organization, and under his stewardship we have increased our financial holdings to ensure the Chapter has enough funds on hand to see it through 2019 and a little beyond.  It should also be noted that through Dave’s efforts the Chapter was sponsored to set up an ASIS booth at the May 2018 Northwest Fire and Expo event held in Portland, further promoting ASIS to those who may not be familiar with our organization and its role in security.

I would be remiss if I did not recognize and thank Derek J. Bliss, CPP, who conducted the annual financial audit of the Chapter to ensure we were in compliance with ASIS reporting requirements.  As a former Chapter Chair and regional representative Derek possesses an unparalleled wealth of knowledge on the local, regional and national levels of ASIS and I encourage each and every one of you to reach out to him for advice and counsel related to general security matters and ASIS in particular.

It has been an honor and privilege to serve as Chairman of the Chapter in 2018.  Going forward you will be ably served by Jon and his team as they develop and promote their program, initiatives and vision for 2019; your support to their program is very much appreciated.  As always, the Board encourages membership to provide input and feedback on how we can better serve you.  You can communicate directly to the Board through the Chapter website at https://www.crasisonline.org.

Best wishes for a prosperous and bountiful New Year.

Terry L. Valois, CPP, PCI

Chairman, 2018

ASIS Columbia River Chapter (#64)

CPP Accelerator Scholarship

From ASIS International:

In support of our mission to promote evidence-based research and provide scholarships for the global security profession, your ASIS Foundation is proud to offer all ASIS Chapters the opportunity to select one individual as a candidate for an ASIS CPP certification with the gift of a complimentary CPP exam.

The Foundation will provide a voucher to each chapter to be awarded to an individual who is ready to apply for an ASIS CPP Certification. The voucher will enable the individual to go online and apply for the CPP at no cost. Each selected recipient will then need to qualify per the certification guidelines in order to take the test and achieve certification.

If you are interested in applying for this scholarship, please email secretary@crasisonline.org for the details!

2019 CRASIS Board Election Results

On November 15th, 2018 we had our CRASIS 2019 Board elections and we are pleased to announce the new board members!

  • Jon Ensley - Chair

  • David Dagan - Vice-Chair

  • Pete Simpson - Treasurer

  • Robert Whitham - Secretary

We also had some individuals step up to fill some of the ASIS recommended committee positions:

  • Pete Simpson - Law Enforcement Liaison

  • Robert Whitham - Young Professionals Liaison

  • Jennifer Hones - Women in Security Liaison, Webmaster

2019 CRASIS Chapter Board Nominations

As Summer begins to wind down and we start moving into Autumn, it’s a reminder that we are at that time of the year when we open up the call for Chapter Board nominations for 2019.
Due to increased personal and professional commitments, three of the four current Board members will be moving on and will not be running for any of the open Board positions.  For the Chapter to remain a viable, solvent entity and to be able to adequately support its members, it must do so with a full complement of four Board members, or else it risks going into inactive status. 

Members are strongly encouraged to participate in the process by recommending potential candidates or self-nominate to the Board positions coming open for 2019.  The Columbia River Chapter of ASIS is seeking qualified applicants to serve as Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer (descriptions of each position follow at the end of this notice).  We need you, our Chapter membership, to become involved to make the nomination and Board election process successful and continue to move the Chapter forward.
The Board is self-perpetuating and seeks to be representative of its membership.  Board members serve a 1-year term, starting January 1, and are eligible for re-election to a second 2-year term. The commitment of time and energy is significant; therefore, accepting a position requires the support of the nominee's time, energy and level of commitment.
Members who wish to nominate an individual or self-nominate can do so between now and November 15th when elections will be held during the Chapter meeting.  Click here to view details.

Each nominee must be an ASIS member in good standing with ASIS and the Columbia River Chapter, as well as being self‐motivated and results oriented. Candidates must also be able to commit to monthly Board conference calls or in-person meetings as decided by the Board and participate and/or organize Chapter events.

Thank you in advance for taking an active role in this year’s nomination and election process and for encouraging Chapter members to do the same. Should you have any questions whatsoever about the process, please don’t hesitate to contact me or any of the other Board members at www.crasisonline.org.

Terry L. Valois, CPP, PCI
Chairman, ASIS Columbia River Chapter

Desirable Qualities
While there are many qualities that would be beneficial in new Board members, it is not expected that any applicant/nominee will possess all of these qualities.

  • Leadership

  • Organization

  • Communications, public relations, public speaking, marketing

  • Building membership

  • Building partnerships

  • Web design or graphic design

  • Strategic financial planning

  • Familiarity with ASIS and its history

Expectations of Board Members

  1. Be an advocate for ASIS and champion its goals, objectives and values

  2. Time commitment of at least 1-2 hours per month (perhaps an additional 2 hours depending on the event venue)

  3. Promote ASIS to contacts, including professional contacts, vendors, students and educators

  4. Be an active member

  5. Encourage others in the security profession to become active members

  6. Share your expertise

  7. Participate in monthly Board telephone calls or in-person meetings

  8. Read materials in advance of meetings and be prepared to participate

Chapter Officer and Committee Chair Position Descriptions 
Chapter Chair:

  • Guide and direct the major functions of the Chapter’s operations.

  • Preside over all Chapter meetings, functions and events.

  • Performs the duties normally associated with a CEO of a company.

  • Under direction of the Regional Vice President (RVP) and the Board of Directors, performs a wide range of management functions as required to meet the goals and objectives of the Chapter and the organization.

  • Reporting link between the Chapter and the RVP/Senior Regional Vice President/ASIS HQ.

  • Use considerable independent judgment in decisions that influence operations at the Chapter level to ensure solvency of the Chapter and ROI to Chapter members.

  • Ensure compliance with ASIS Chapter activity and financial reporting requirements.

  • Appoint Chapter committee chairs.

Vice Chair:

  • Preside over all Chapter meetings, functions and events when the Chapter Chair is not in   attendance.

  • Use considerable independent judgment in decisions that influence operations at the Chapter level to ensure solvency of the Chapter and ROI to Chapter members.

  • Assist the Chair in ensuring compliance with ASIS Chapter activity and financial reporting requirements.

  • Assist the Chair with appointment of Chapter committee Chairs.


  • Keep the minutes of all Chapter leadership, committee and special meetings.

  • Maintain all official Chapter records, including minutes, newsletters, and other official correspondence.

  • Request from ASIS HQ and maintain Chapter membership roster.

  • Authorize use and distribution of the Chapter membership roster outside of the Chapter executive committee.

  • Complete and promptly submit monthly reports using the online Chapter activity reporting feature.

  • Promptly notify ASIS Headquarters of results of the annual election by submitting the Annual Chapter Officer Questionnaire by 1 December.

  • Ensure all necessary correspondence representing the Chapter is handled in a timely manner, including, but not limited to Thank You notes to speakers, presenters, special assistance.

  • Submission of articles and news regarding Chapter activities and events to ASIS Dynamics.

  • Submits minutes of the Chapter meetings to the newsletter or website each month

  • Maintain the Chapter’s website (www.crasisonline.org)


  • Receive at all Chapter functions and deposit, in an account in the name of the Chapter, all monies, securities, funds, and monetary credits of or on behalf of the Chapter.

  • Receive and safeguard all property and other physical assets owned by the Chapter.

  • Keep regular accounts of all receipts and disbursements in suitable books provided for that purpose. The records should be available for inspection by all officers and Chapter members in good standing, and duly authorized representatives of ASIS International.

  • Disburse Chapter funds upon approval and direction of the Chapter executive committee.

  • Report on the financial status of the Chapter at chapter meetings as requested by the Chapter Chair.

  • Ensure compliance with all Internal Revenue filing requirements as set forth in ASIS Policy Guide 4015. (U.S. Chapter’s Only)

  • Treasurers for Chapters outside the U.S. will ensure compliance with all financial regulations and laws for their specific country and/or locality.

  • Ensure that all required annual financial reports are filed with ASIS HQ using the online compliance reporting feature.

July 2018 Summer Party

Hi all!

We will be hosting a two-part summer party on Thursday, July 26th at Threat Dynamics and Ancestry Brewing (both located in Tualatin/Sherwood).

First part from 4pm - 6pm at Threat Dynamics shooting range, followed by post-shooting "no host" food and drinks at Ancestry Brewing (6:15pm onward).  

If you are interested, please visit the event page on our website or send us an email at secretary@crasisonline.org.

June 2018 Update

Hello CRASIS Members and Non-Members,

Keeping this chapter news section of the web page up-to-date is no easy task for our volunteer board members. However, please know that the calendar is always up-to-date, as is our LinkedIn page, and if you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to reach out to us directly at secretary@crasisonline.org or contact us via LinkedIn.

Thanks and happy summer!

Reminder! April Networking

[Sent April 19th to those on chapter mailing list.]

Hello CRASIS members,

Just a friendly reminder for those of you who don't follow CRASIS on LinkedIn, we do have our Q2 networking event next week (Thursday, April 26th) from 6-8pm.  

This will be held again at Thirsty Lion in Tigard. We were exploring moving the location, but ultimately decided to keep it here and make a change for Q3 and Q4. So for those of you who cannot attend due to location, we will make it right for you soon!

Please let us know if you can attend. We have updated the website to include payment if you would like to pre-pay, which you can find the details on the event page, or you can RSVP to secretary@crasisonline.org.

See you next week!

Q1-2018 Recap + April Event

Hello CRASIS members,

With the first quarter of 2018 coming to a close here end of March, we have been excited and encouraged with the increased member participation at the 3 unique events we held the past few months. January brought us our first networking event with over 20 people, February the Chapter Meeting with a number of new faces, and March was our CPP and PSP study-prep and education session. Thank you to our Vice-Chair, Jon Ensley, for the hard-work and dedication you showed in spearheading the education effort!

The Chapter also has some great news regarding one of our members, AV Phal (Senior Facility Coordinator, Security Management & Fire Systems, Genetech, Inc). AV attended the March training event in preparation for his CPP exam and recently found out that he passed! Welcome to the CPP club, AV. 

We do have our next CRASIS networking event coming up on April 26th, from 6-8pm. Location is getting finalized, but we are looking to move it into a different location so as to accommodate our members living and working in other parts of town. We will be sending out an update on this as soon as we get it, but you can always check the website and LinkedIn for updated information. We look forward to seeing you there! 

Q1-2018 - Chapter Meeting Details

Hello Columbia River ASIS members and soon-to-be-members!

After a very successful and well-attended January Networking event (over 20 people!), I am happy to send this reminder for our upcoming Chapter Meeting on Thursday, February 22nd, 2018 at Nicolai's Grill and Sports Bar in Lake Oswego, from 6-8pm. You can find out more details on our new website

Chapter Meetings are your best bet in staying informed of local and regional security issues and making valuable professional connections. Exchange knowledge and best practices with peers, learn about career development and job opportunities in the community, and possibly step into committee leadership roles within the CRASIS chapter.

More importantly, I am excited to announce our speaker for the meeting will be Reinier Tuinzing, Strategic Alliances Manager for Milestone Systems on the working title topic of "Trends in Video Surveillance Systems". Reinier has been at the forefront of many emerging trends in the data communications and information technology market segments, whether from his days at HP, Cisco, Intel, or his past 10 years at Milestone. He has been particularly successful in understanding how these technology solutions can solve real world business problems, something I know we are all trying to do on a regular basis! Expect to learn about how metadata, AI, and IoT are all coming into play within the physical security space.

Please join us and bring a friend! Cost to attend is $25 and includes dinner (adult beverages available on your own tab). RSVP to me at secretary@crasisonline.org.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Jennifer Hones
2018 Columbia River ASIS Chapter Secretary

2018 Chairman's Message

Chairman’s Message - 2018
First of all, my apologies for not getting this out at the beginning of the year.  As January comes to an end and we reflect back on 2017, I’d like to express my appreciation and gratitude to the previous Chair for her leadership, and the support provided by her management team, throughout the past year with the Chapter.
As we move forward the Chapter faces a number of challenges, as well as opportunities.  We are fortunate to have a diverse, energetic, and dedicated volunteer executive leadership team, each bringing different views, skills sets, and experiences as we move forward into 2018.  The right people in the right seats on the bus, heading in the right direction.
We still, however, have challenges, which we will face head-on.  Not an easy task, but not insurmountable.  I believe we have a tremendously talented team of professionals and volunteers to move this Chapter forward and tackle the issues in front of us.
Our Vision and Challenges
The Chapter will continue to serve the community and ASIS members in the Portland, Oregon – Vancouver, Washington area.  Our Chapter members represent a wide spectrum of local businesses, varied security industries and area government. Columbia River Chapter promotes networking and educational opportunities to advance and keep current with latest security trends and technologies.
As I mentioned above, the Chapter continues to be challenged on several fronts.  We continue to work to reduce membership participation losses.  Support from our membership is key for the success of the Chapter to remain a viable and value-added resource for security professionals in our area.  With decreasing membership participation comes a decrease in our fiscal health, with revenue generated from past events insufficient to continue on our current trajectory of planned monthly luncheons and other ad hoc events being held at the Moda Center.  It simply was not a good return on investment given the expense-to-ratio of attendees.  It was, and is, time to move on.
Our website, the face of our Chapter, fell into falling into disrepair and was not meeting the expectations and high standards that we set for our membership and ASIS.  The new executive management team made a decision to consider other web hosting options and services.  I’m pleased to say that these issues have been resolved and we now have a new website.  More on this below.
Looking Ahead at Opportunities
Our team is dedicated to meeting and overcoming the challenges I mentioned previously. Our goals for 2018 will focus on the following essential initiatives for success of the Chapter:
As noted, declining membership participation in our events and lost revenue have taken a toll on the fiscal health of the Chapter.  Our first priority, therefore, is a robust effort to re-engage with Chapter members to attract them back into participating and contributing to Chapter events, functions and networking opportunities.  Beginning in January 2018, Chapter meetings will no longer be held on a monthly basis at the Moda Center.  Instead, we are moving to a quarterly meeting format, with Chapters meetings taking place in the early evening to draw in members and others who cannot otherwise break away during the noon lunch hour.  Our meetings will be held at various locations in and around Portland and will be advertised well in advance (i.e., 6 months out) of the meetings.  Quarterly, informal happy hours will be held in the months when the Chapter is not hosting quarterly meetings.  Our first happy hour was held on 25 January and from I’m told we had over 20 participants for this event.  Concurrent with this effort is a robust initiative to recruit new members into our Chapter, many of who joined us for the first happy hour of the year.  I take this as a good beginning to a new year.
Second, we will strengthen our partnership and outreach efforts to institutions of higher education to invite the next generation of security professionals to participate with and join the Chapter as a means of professional networking, along with the potential for mentoring and educational opportunities outside of academia.  We will also expand our aperture to cross-pollinate with other security-related organizations in our area.  ASIS does not stand alone in the security industry and partnership with other similar organizations is crucial in today’s security environment.
Third, we will take advantage of extant and emerging information technologies to ensure we are reaching the largest audience possible.  Our new Vice Chair is leading the effort to ensure that our scheduled events and meetings are posted well in advance on LinkedIn so that members can get these activities on their calendars.
To meet one of our other major challenges, we have changed to a different website platform.  Quite simply, the website the Chapter was using was untenable and not meeting the needs of the Chapter and its membership.  Our new Secretary took on the daunting task of establishing a new website, which can be found at crasisonline.org.  I’m extremely proud of her accomplishments and hopeful that all of the information and data from the old website can be migrated over to this new site so there is no loss of continuity.
Finally, the Chapter will host at least three, education sessions, 2-4 hours in length, during the year.  Our theme this year is focused on physical security.  The current plan is to hold quarterly (March, June and September) Saturday morning sessions that are separate from the quarterly Chapter meetings and informal happy hour meet-ups.  These sessions will be an informal review primarily of the PSP subject matter domains for those who are working towards that credential and will also be open to those who otherwise might be interested in the material.  Some of the material will cover the physical security domain for the CPP exam.  Attendees will receive a "Certificate of Attendance" for hours of Continuing Education Credits for PSP or CPP certifications.  Our Vice Chair is heading up this initiative.  Please check the Chapter’s new website for additional information and details on this initiative.
Please join me as we move forward towards a productive, eventful and prosperous year.  We are very much looking forward to seeing you in 2018 at our various events and activities.
Terry L. Valois, CPP, PCI – Chairman, Columbia River ASIS

Q1-2018 - Networking Event

Tonight- Social and Networking Event

So, tonight (January 25th, 2018) is the night! CRASIS will be meeting for our January meeting at The Thirsty Lion Pub and Grill (10205 SW Washington Square Rd. Tigard, Oregon 97223) from 6-8pm. Cost is $25 each. Chapter will be providing drink tickets and appetizers. 

If you plan to attend, please RSVP at secretary@crasisonline.organd pay $25 once you arrive. Cash or card accepted.

Hope to see everyone there. If not, our next event will be the February Board meeting, Feb 2nd. Then our February regular meeting on February 22nd, Thursday, from 6-8pm. At Nicoli's Grill and Sports Bar in Lake Oswego, OR.

Q4-2017 - Chapter Meeting - Employer Duty of Care

November, 16th, 2017 - Chapter Meeting - Duty of Care & Chapter Board Elections

Thursday November 16, 2017 11:30 AM

Elect new board members

Speaker/Topic: Jon Ensley - Employer Duty of Care


Resources from Jon's presentation:

Below is the link I was unable to get opened during my presentation.

US Department of Labor OSHA- Workplace Violence, 2017, Retrieved from https://www.osha.gov/SLTC/workplaceviolence/


These are some of my resources I like to use when discussing Duty of Care as it relates to traveling employees.

US Department of Health, Center for Diseases Control (2017) Retrieved from: https://www.cdc.gov/niosh/docs/96-100/risk.html


International SOS (2017) Retrieved from https://www.internationalsos.com/duty-of-care


US Department of Labor (2017) Retrieved from https://www.osha.gov/SLTC/workplaceviolence/evaluation.html




Steven W.S.; Ballard S.A.; Ingersoll (2008 September)American Bar Association; Keeping It Safe: The Legal Basics Addressing Violence and Threats of Violence in the Workplace Retrieved from: http://apps.americanbar.org/labor/lel-annualcle/08/materials/data/papers/057.pdf


US Department of Labor Work Place Violence Program appendixes (2017) Retrieved from: https://www.dol.gov/oasam/hrc/policies/dol-workplace-violence-program-appendices.htm


American Society for Industrial Security, Library: Active Shooter (2017) retrieved from https://www.asisonline.org/Membership/Library/Subject-Guides/Pages/Active-Shooter-Situations.aspx

American Society for Industrial Security, Library: Executive Security (2017) retrieved from https://www.asisonline.org/Membership/Library/Subject-Guides/Pages/Executive-Protection.aspx


American Society for Industrial Security, Library: Corporate Policy Manual (2017) retrieved from https://www.asisonline.org/Membership/Library/Subject-Guides/Pages/Corporate-Policy-Manual.aspx


American Society for Industrial Security, Library: Spotlight on Travel Safety and Security (2017) retrieved from https://www.asisonline.org/Membership/Library/Subject-Guides/Documents/Spotlight-Travel-Security.pdf


American Society for Industrial Security, Library:  Special Event Security  (2017) retrieved from  https://www.asisonline.org/Membership/Library/Subject-Guides/Pages/Special-Event-Security.aspx


Brossman C. (2016) Building a Travel Risk Management Program. Cambridge: Butterworth-Heinemann


iJet Integrated Risk Management, 2017, retrieved from https://www.ijet.com/resources/white-papers




US State Department





Overseas Advisory Council, 2017, retrieved from https://www.osac.gov/Pages/Home.aspx


SHRM Employee Travel Resources, 2017, retrieved from https://www.shrm.org/

Q1-2017 - Special Event - INTERFACE Portland Conference and Expo

March 14, 2017 - Special Event - INTERFACE Portland Conference and Expo

(Originally posted: February 28th, 2017)

INTERFACE Portland is a popular spring event that always draws a lot of security-minded professionals from the Portland tech industry. This year our past Chairman and current Treasurer, Dave Miller, will deliver the following talk at 10:00 am and we encourage all ASIS members to attend.


Columbia River ASIS will also have a display table in the Associations Section of the conference.

There is no cost for attending the conference and ASIS members are encouraged to attend and bring guests.

RSVP Here Please be sure to indicate your association with ASIS when registering.

Q1-2017 - Chapter Meeting - Industrial and Economic Espionage

February 23rd, 2017 - Chapter Meeting - Industrial and Economic Espionage

(Originally posted: February 20th, 2017)

Please join us for our monthly chapter meeting covering Industrial and Economic Espionage.

Thursday February 23, 2017 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM

Presented by Terry Valois of GreyFox Security Consulting, LLC.


Please plan to join us at the “Simpson Room, in the Memorial Coliseum.” You may still park in the MODA Center parking garage.